We are aquatic survival, not ISR

Oftentimes, clients refer to us as "ISR" (Infant Swimming Resource), which is a well-marketed survival swim program. We want to be clear we are not ISR.

We are aquatic survival for babies and toddlers and the methodology is similar to ISR, but we were not trained …

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Why do survival lessons seem more expensive?

Why do aquatic survival lessons seem more expensive than other swim programs?

Aquatic survival methods for babies and young children have been researched and developed for over 55 years. It i the safest swim program for infants and children. Your children will lea…

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Book swim lessons EARLY

We are inundated between March and June with parents needing swim lessons for their child and by early spring, we are fully booked for summer. 

We suggest getting on our swim schedule outside of prime swim season: early spring or fall. If you cannot get in this ye…

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Drowning is your child's biggest enemy

The statistics are clear, yet you rarely hear about it from your pediatrician: drowning is the THE leading cause of death for children 1 to 4. For every fatal drowning, five children have submersion injuries that are often life-long.

As soon as your child is mobil…

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Why does my child burp in lessons?

When your child burps during lessons, they are expelling air taken in just before submersions, after completing the rollback to float or air in between presentations. When the student inhales, s/he is taking in carbon dioxide. The air taken in must be properly man…

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6 Proven Ways How Swimming Remarkably Benefits Kids

April 16, 2019

Learning how to swim contributes to children’s development in many ways. Swimming benefits for kids include mental and physical development, improvement of social skills and confidence and as well as building skills for safety.

What Are The Swimmi…

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